Branding Services

The most successful companies have developed a coherent and powerful brand image because people want to buy from brands they know and identify with. When your brand image feels similar to how a person sees their self-image, they will connect with you. Your ideal customers will stand up and notice and without thinking about it, they will feel a preference for doing business with you.

What’s your brand identity? The First Impressions brand design team can help you define or refine the public face of your business. From logo to website and everything between, we provide graphic design that people take notice of, and website design and programming for a dynamic online presence that will enhance your image and help you make a consistently good impression on your ideal customers to position you for results.


Print Media

Corporate literature should be designed to capture the brand identity of your business. How it looks will create a strong first impression and will build or erode confidence in your company. To deliver the correct message requires the correct package.

The team at First Impressions will ensure your printed materials make you look good. We use the latest print design techniques, materials and technology. If you share our strong commitment to the environment, we offer eco-friendly products and materials that show your customers you care.

Put yourself a cut above the competition with high-impact printed materials.

  • business cards, flyers, brochures, and catalogues
  • rack cards, post cards, and stationary
  • signs, banners, and car magnets


Web & Multimedia

Increasingly, people expect businesses, even small ones, to meet them in the online, multimedia world. Projecting a successful company image now demands multimedia savvy

At First Impressions, we understand the needs of businesses. Our results-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies. We have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. Strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, competitive prices, and real world results; our websites are built for success.


Corporate Event Planning and Fundraisers


At First Impressions, we have a tremendous amount of experience creating and managing events and fundraisers which have attracted anywhere from 10-300 attendees. Our team of coordinators develop project plans for a variety of events including but not limited to meetings, trade shows, corporate retreats and conferences, and fundraisers.

First Impressions takes on the responsibility of assisting with the development of your marketing strategy and planning successful events that will advance the recognition of your company and your brand. We will identify potential opportunities at a local level and create campaigns that will capitalize on those opportunities. 

First Impressions will manage all aspects of the event planning process including:

  • establishing a theme
  • venue identification
  • menu development
  • entertainment
  • promotional materials and custom merchandise
  • design and printing


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